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The attacks in 2001 on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and their consequences changed the world. The world will never be like it was before. Now especially it is important to have as true picture as possible of the contemporary political, economic and military processes going on in the world.

Stopping the injustice against the Third World would have been the only way to avoid much violence.

The incidents in the USA reflect deadlock connected with the contradictory situation between industrialized countries and the third world, whoever is responsible for the attack.

For the present, the world has been constructed on the basis of a capitalist force in trade and in politics. Now this way has come to its end. Instead of using intelligence, global capitalism resorts to its last means, war.

In the war, "fight against terrorism" is, in the first place, only a cover story. Yet in this situation this buzz-phrase has been an easy pretext for further violence. The war is being launched by industrialized countries against the Third World. With this motion, global capitalism continues its efforts to take by force the world's raw material and marketing areas under its own centralized control. The victims have so far been Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently, in America, if you disagree with official anti-terrorist policy, you are considered "helping the terrorists win". This notion is even brought to light for those that fail to consume. Official government and corporate (the same?) forces "encourage" people in America to continue spending freely, because otherwise, you are also "letting the terrorists win".

An idea to defeat terrorism by state terrorism does not make sense. However, political decision-makers and the corporate media seem to believe in that kind of absurdity. Ordinary citizens are more honest and have more common sense to avoid this mistake. Yet people of the world usually do not have real political power any more.

Capitalist politics and power mass media intend to label all peoples' and NGO´s resistance and defence against capitalism´s cruelty "terrorism" in order to justify harsh violence. In this way we are heading to global fascism never seen before. Different ethnic groups, communists and socialists are, at this very moment, targets of violent governmental and paramilitaries´ attacks in a big part of the world, instance in Western Europe obviously.

The trend is now to label political activities against capitalism "terrorism" or otherwise to deny ideological oppositions by legislative measures.

Capitalism's death struggle has caused and will cause large sufferings to mankind. The attack on Afghanistan and the future attack on Iraq will no doubt cause counter-attacks all around the world.

The lackeys of capitalism do their best to distort our picture of the world. Granting the Nobel peace prize to the UN and its general secretary after the UN´s approval of beginning of large war in Asia seems tragic-comical.

September 11th 2001 was a turning point in mankind´s history. Quite obviously it means beginning of final destruction of global capitalism. However, the contemporary violent anger-based processes against imperialism and capitalism are mostly spontaneous. The Marxist science has anticipated this situation. The world´s progressive powers, communist and socialist parties and groups, are working by many different means to build a world without fatal economic and political contradictions.

The mainstream mass media and many official sources have recently tried to create an idea of an "international community" which leads mankind to peace and stability. The truth could not be more opposite. The class- and geopolitical contradictions are reaching an acute state. The incidents of autumn 2001 caused confusion and fear, which are convenient for these mistaken images.

After the end of 2001 both Arab and communist mass media systems have been systematically disturbed. TV and radio stations, e-mail lists and web-sites have been sabotaged. E-mail boxes of communist parties have been blocked up. These actions are done in the name of "protecting democracy". It is hard for the ordinary citizen to go against something that he or she is told is an "enemy of democracy". Remember, if you don't agree 100 percent with the policies of the industrialist/capitalist dominated world, you are "helping the terrorists win". Persecution in the name of "protecting freedom" has long been a powerful tool. The history-minded will remember the Nazi anti-terror "freedom protection" laws of 1934 and 1936.

The truth is additionally distorted by the power media by creating an image of religious contradictions of the world between Christianity and Islam. Islamic countries´ propaganda supports this mistaken impression. In the real world the truth is much more brutal. The main issues are problems of capitalism, marketing areas, oil and other natural riches, and the true political aims of capitalism.

The imperialist character of the war on Afghanistan, began by the US/UK -alliance against an independent country, soon became evident. Occupying the sovereign nation of Afghanistan and establishing missile bases there to threaten all of Asia gives a true idea of the character of the aggressions. Accordingly, the world wakes up to reality and 9/11 has been found nothing but a pretext for imperialist aggressions that create profits for the rich, hidden behind veiled slogans and lies.

Not even the false goals set by the attackers were reached. Terrorism will not be defeated this way. The operation caused in Afghanistan a civil war, disorder, and enormous human sufferings.

In 2002 - 2010 the US has plans for military strikes against several countries of the Third World. Hence 9/11 appears self-evidently nothing but a pretext for a large imperialist war in the struggle between world´s rich and poor countries.

The US president has informed that the "war against terrorism" will last for years. Surely the war will be long. US-led global capitalism intends, as it always has, to destroy worldwide anti-capitalist opposition, only now the pretext exists. The idea is as brilliant as Don Quijote´s struggle against windmills.

The US idea "Axis of Evil" in its total absurdity refers to psychiatric illness.

The Bush administration, in a secret policy review completed early 2002, has ordered the Pentagon to draft contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons against several countries, naming not only Russia and the "axis of evil"--Iraq, Iran, and North Korea--but also China, Libya and Syria. In June 2002 the mad American self-justified right for first strike concerned sixty countries. In October 2002 the list of "axis of evil" -countries was extended with Belarus, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Namibia and Serbia. Up to the beginning of 2009 the list has been changed, but the crazy idea on the backgrounds still remains. In the end of 2009 and in the beginning of 2010 president Barack Obama decided to add troops in Afghanistan and spoke of Jemen and Somalia as targets of new wars. The western military aggressions against Libya began in 2011.

In addition, the U.S. Defense Department has been told to prepare for the possibility that nuclear weapons may be required in some future Arab-Israeli crisis. And, it is to develop plans for using nuclear weapons to retaliate against chemical or biological attacks, as well as "surprising military developments" of an unspecified nature.

The increasing problems of capitalism in the thirties led to WWII inflamed by Mr. Adolf Hitler. Warmongering was started by arranging fire of the Berlin parliament house.

Today´s increasing problems of capitalism may lead to WWIII inflamed by Mr. George W. Bush. Warmongering begun by the pretext of 9/11. On the basis of recent studies we know for sure that US officials were in advance aware of the coming attack. Additionally, it is at least possible that the CIA and the Mossad were involved in arranging the 9/11 incidents.

The earlier known lies by US official sources on the 9/11 incidents came to daylight in May 2002. The US governmental quarters´ efforts for explanations ruin the rest of credibility of the US foreign politics.

The war on Yugoslavia, 9/11 incidents, war on Afghanistan, war on Iraq the plans by western forces for attacks on Iran and on the DPRK are linked with each other. All these issues are elements of imperialist historical processes.

In 2002 - 2010 U.S. presidents say preemptive strike necessary to deter "terrorism", without further definitions. It is obvious that NATO has got lost control in among other things also in military sense. NATO´s machinery has been built for inter-state wars and it does not work when fighting against worldwide anti-imperialist front at people´s level. In this connection we can speak also of global class struggle. Also from this point of view, the old-fashioned military methods do not work any more.

The contemporary US geopolitical doctrine includes spreading of imperialist militarism all over the world. World´s fascist goverments have often US military support.

The contemporary and future terror attacks - whoever are responsible - reflect US-led world capitalism´s contradictions, which for sure cannot be solved by arbitary "revenges". Additionally, it is rather peculiar that the targets are usually at world´s important oil areas and -routes.

The U.S. carried out a brutal war against Iraq and against Iraqi people. For sure the process will not stop there. The US president aims to start worlwide mass killings. The U.S. plans to include using of ballistic missiles in the "fight against terrorism". How can anyone think about hitting the so called "terrorists" by ballistic missiles without other casualities? Also an idea of using of strategic and tactic nukes has been up. How do those weapons make difference between the "good" and the "evil"?

In 1939 Adolf Hitler started world war II with the pretext of "threat of Poland".

In 2004 - 2009 George W. Bush´s idiotism was going to set fire to all the world. His methods for promoting wars include worldwide frightening with faked threats. Bush´s victory in elections in November 2004 can be compared with Hitler´s electoral victory in 1933.

The next target of a U.S. military attack is obviously Iran. The pretexts are now: "Iran protects Al-Qaeda members" and "Iran prepares for nuke production". Also Syria is under imminent threat. The corresponding lies: "The murder of a Lebanese politician was committed by Syria", "the suicide attack in Tel Aviv was led from Syria". This dangerous process may slow down because of mounting U.S. casualities in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

It is possible that after failing to get UN approval for its military aggressions, the U.S. tries to use G8-countries´ complicated community unofficially for the same purpose.

The lies concerning the attack on Iraq were revealed in a large scale in 2003 - 2009. Would it now be time to have a closer look also on imperialism´s other faked stories?

In the 58th U.N. General Assembly meeting in September 2003 Cuban foreign minister said that the Iraq problem caused by the U.S. will be an issue death or life for the U.N. in its contemporary form. In the 59th General Assembly meeting in September 2004 he added that the fatal question for the U.N. is to solve world´s poverty problem. In that meeting Cuba and China called for new rules for the Security Council in order to add world political power to countries of the third world. The veto used by the U.S. in Security Council´s attempt to condemn Israeli massacres in Palestine in October 2004 confirmed what we already know: The U.N. as it is now is in serious crisises worth nothing. The shortcomings of the 60th U.N. summit in September 2005 confirmed this vision.

The moves of NATO forces and joint military maneuvers with certain countries in eastern Europe and in Asia refer to possible U.S. long term military aims to surround Russia and China. In its meetings in Brussels in December 2003 and in Istanbul in June 2004 NATO handled plans concerning all continents. However, the military and political defeats suffered by the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2004 - 2010 may at least slow down the absurd plans to conquer all the world.

The US-backed Israeli attack on Lebanon in 2006 may have been a prelude for an intentionally arranged larger regional conflict in Middle East. A new attempt to create a full-scale war ocurred in the turn of 2008/2009 in Gaza.

In the circumstances of freely moving and concentrating capital the world has become a spiral of continuous violence and wars exactly like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels anticipated in the 19th century. Global capitalism needs wars and it is afraid for peace.

The conflict between the by western imperialism backed Georgia and by the Russia backed South Ossetia may cause danger of military confrontation between NATO and Russia. The confrontation between the EU, U.S. and NATO vs. Russia and some other East European countries became still more sharper in 2004 - 2010.

All the world participated helping the victims of Asian tsunami disaster. However, there are doubts that the U.S. uses the opportunity in order to add its military presence in South Asia.

In today´s world the fight against imperialism is for many nations a question of life or death. Nations who have lost their independence usually cannot develope themselves at all. Life of the human race is not any more possible without social science and social developement. In all the nature society´s advantage is more important than private interests. Human society is no exception. However, conscious human being is able to create an appropriate collective structures of community. In this sense there is a crucial difference between animals and men.

The world capitalism and its contemporary methods drive the world to destruction with full steam. An Estonian author has compared the situation with the fate of Titanic. Quite right. It is time to slow down, to think and to come familiar with the real character of the ongoing processes.

In 2005 - 2010 the world began to get a new type of geopolitical polarization. Russia, China, India and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with their allies formed a powerful counterforce against U.S. world domination efforts. The eastern Collective Security Treaty Organization based especially on the state union of Russia and Belarus boosts its defensive readiness. In February 2007 Russian president put with clear words in his speech in Munich the final end to the illusion of US/NATO - Russia "friendship". The US-Poland/Czhech missile radar agreement in July 2008 ment a new serious threat against Russia and against all the humanity. In 2009 new new U.S. President Barck Obama promised to give up that plan. However, at the same time an even more dangerous weaponary system plan for Europe was established.

NATO´s summit in Riga in November 2006 tried to give an idea of NAT0´s global necessity and of its invincible character. That message was rejected by majority of world´s peoples and nations.

A glimpse of hope occurred when the summit of Non-Aligned Countries Movement (NAM) was arranged in Havana in September 2006. In addition to the 118 members states also U.N General Secretary and delegations of Russia and China participated. The message was clear: Stop the U.S-Israeli world hegemony! The NAM summit had its positive impact also on the 61st session of UN General Assembly.

The summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Kyrgystan in August 2007 was obviously a crucial turning point in world´s history. The U.S. remained in shadow of the security and economic integration and cooperation of countries in the eastern hemisphere.

In August 2008 a war occurred when NATO-backed Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Russia reacted strongly. The West intends to go closer to oil areas of Ural and Caspia. Wasn´t it that way also in the thirties...?

The 62nd session of UN General Assembly was held in September 2007. The global horizontal and vertical contradictions remained unchanged, not to mention climate change and other ecological problems.The 63rd session of UN General Assembly was held in September-October 2008 on the level of mutual quarreling between West, East and South. No principal advande in the the 64th session of UN General Assembly in September-October 2009.

In spring 2008 the crisis of global capitalism appeared as strong rise of food and other necessities like it has been predicted by Marxist economic science. In autumn 2008 the financial crises caused mainly by the U.S. bubble economy reached level of emergency. The corresponding emergency summit of G 20 -countries in November 2008 in Washington did not give anything to the world. Just empty words. Calling for "new economic world order" vithout any practical measures was worth nothing. The only vision in sight for a new possible path is quite obviously socialism. It is really hard to think of any kind of a "third way". The emergency summit of G 20 -countries in London in April 2009 gave nothing but promises of some amount of money without any principal goals.

The Summits of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) and BRIC-countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) in Yekaterinburg June 2009 (of course, without the U.S. and the EU) may have been the first high level historical event in decades to give new constructive models of ideas for global political and economical processes.

As to economy, plain growth of monetary values is no solution for world´s problems. At least we must admit that politics should lead economy and not vice versa like it usually is in the western world.

Planned economy is quite obviously always better than unplanned economy at all levels. The financial crisis of capitalism in 2008/2010 hardly leaves much open to various interpretations. Additionally, by saving resources and by planned economy for instance the wars for oil and other natural riches could be very likely be avoided.